Pre-Suit Collection Services

Richard P. Joblove, P.A. is located in Miami, Florida and provides comprehensive pre-suit collections and collection litigation service to all types of businesses with bad debts in Florida, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Pre-suit collection services include:

  • Consultation
  • Analysis
  • Demand letters
  • Aggressive pre-suit collection efforts

Our goal is to provide full service litigation and legal support for all of the pre-suit collection needs of our clients. Our technological capabilities and organizational structure allow us to provide comprehensive collection services and the benefit of our legal ability and experience.

Pre-suit collection begins simply enough with a demand for payment in full. The demand may be by letter or made verbally and it should be specific with respect to the amount due and the date when the creditor must receive payment. If the debtor appears to have the ability to pay but not the willingness to do so, the debt should be sent to an attorney for suit. If the debtor is judgment-proof or if the account does not appear to be collectible, the creditor may consider writing the debt off. While litigation is sometimes an option, in other cases a creditor’s best strategy may be to establish payment arrangements with the debtor. Any payment plan should specify with particularity the amounts of the payments and the dates by which they are to be made.

Our collection attorneys take a practical approach to debtor-creditor law, recognizing the cost and risk of litigation, along with the significant value of an efficient resolution of a debt collection matter. For further information about our pre-suit collection services please contact Richard P. Joblove, P.A. today